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Thursday, 6 November 2008

In Memory of Salt and Sauce: Wolverhampton's Elephants

From Wolverhampton's "Spaghetti Gazette":

Thurs 13 Nov, 6.30pm The Legend of Salt & Sauce: Wolverhampton's Elephants
The Black Country Society and the Wolverhampton History & Heritage Society jointly present an evening devoted to the memory of Salt and Sauce -Wolverhampton's two circus elephants who lived in a yard in Gorsebrook Road from 1920 until the Second World War. Their owner was John Swallow, the proprietor of Broncho Bill's Circus and Wild West Show. Jamie Clubb and Jim Clubb, who have written a book on Salt and Sauce, will give an illustrated presentation.The event will be chaired by Ned Williams, the President of the Black Country Society, and after the presentation the Clubbs will be selling copies of their new book. Cost: £1.

Last of an Era

The Hall-by-the-Sea was an establishment founded by "Lord" George Sanger, a figure with strong connections to my book "The Legend of Salt and Sauce" (now in its second edition). Sanger was one of the most famous circus proprietors of his day and his Hall-by-the-Sea establishment in Margate is connected with one of Salt and Sauce's owners, the mysterious Herbert "Captain Joe" Taylor.

The Hall-by-the-Sea was replaced in the early part of the 20th century by Dremland, but there are still some small remains of the zoo that was contained within the hall. Recently a preservation order has been placed on the three remaining cages, which are the last remaining pieces of the zoo part of the Hall-by-the-Sea and possibly the last remaining examples of Victorian zoo cages (at least from that particular period of the late 19th century). Support is still being gathered in favour of preserving the cages and the case being made that they are of historical importance.