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Praise for "The Legend of Salt and Sauce"

“ This meticulously researched biography is a page turning tale, and furthermore it is part of our heritage. Circus and wild animal training is a much overlooked art, and this work will be an important part of our national archive and understanding of the subject.”

Nell Gifford nee Stroud (author of “Josser” and “Who Was…? Phillip Astley – The Inventor of the Circus”) - United Kingdom

"The Legend Of Salt And Sauce is a beautifully told story by Jamie Clubb whose father is the well-respected British animal trainer and circus historian Jim Clubb.The story sets out to correct the misrepresentation of two circus elephants which were dogged throughout their lives by the insufficient training they received during their early months as entertainers. Jamie Clubb brings to the analysis of his well researched sources an intuitive, yet academically mature understanding of how major players tinted their memories of Salt and Sauce with retrospective colour. The visually appealing narrative is enhanced by Jamie Clubb's passion for his subject and personal knowledge of circus life, its people and its patterns. This lived knowledge is what makes The Legend Of Salt And Sauce an excellent resource for future researchers of circus history, and a wonderful read for the general public".

Dr. Heather Vallance, PhD (author of "A Woman's Book of Allegory" and "An Unconventional Soldier") - Canada

"The Clubbs' meticulous research into the history of Salt and Sauce makes for absorbing reading and I can't rate this book highly enough".

Don Stacey "Circus Report" - USA - 11/07/2008

"Book looks good & makes a facinating read so much first hand as opposed to spinning the usual tales Gives an insight into the business we love & can't get enough of"

Sandy Davidson, circus historian

"I really like the Jamie Clubb book ‘Salt and Sauce'. It is a good job that you are brave enough to publish all these records of Circus Legends. I really admire all the work that you put into the King Pole and all you publications"

- Gerry Cottle, Circus Proprietor and author of "Confessions of a Showman: My Life in the Circus"

"Congratulations on 'Salt and Sauce. It is an absolute 'tour-de-force'. I thought it would be good, but it has surpassed all expectations. In telling the story of Salt and Sauce you have also given us a huge chunk of British circus history during the first half of the 20th century"

- Mark Twitchett, circus historian

"So, once again I must congratulate the Clubbs, father and son, who have produced a book that lives up to its claim to be 'amazing', creates an interesting tension twixt "fact" and 'legend', and leaves the reader with plenty to think about. Read it and buy copies to give to your friends - it deserves a wide readership"

Ned Williams, author of "Fairs and Circuses of the Black Country", in his review for the "King Pole" Magazine.

"The book has been written with future historians in mind as well as present readers...[The Legend of Salt and Sauce] is a valuable addition to the literature of the circus, in the story it tells and in the truth-seeking methods of its telling"

David Barnaby, Zoo Historian, "The Bartlett Society Newsletter".