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Friday, 18 July 2008

Signing and Review Updates

My parents' private zoo will be, for the first time ever, holding an Open Day for the general public to view their facilities on 21st August. Signed copies of "The Legend of Salt and Sauce" will be on sale, and my father and I will be on hand to answer questions. For further details on this exclusive event please call 07743905852.
We also have details of a signing in Wolverhampton, once home to Salt and Sauce, where I hope to meet residents who saw the two magnificent elephants walking their streets. Details below supplied by Ned Williams:
'13th November 2008: "Wolverhampton's Elephants"- the amazing story of Salt and Sauce....will be presented on Thursday 13th November at at the Light House Cinema, Wolverhampton, byJamie and Jim Clubb, authors of a new book on the subject.The event is jointly presented by the Black Country Society and the Wolverhampton History & Heritage Society and will be chaired by Ned Williams, President of the BCS.The evening will include visual material, hopefully including material on film relating to circus elephants.Admission (at the door) £1'.

And finally the 1st July edition of "Circus Report", an American publication, has a glowing review of "The Legend of Salt and Sauce" by Don Stacey. Stacey said "I can't rate this book highly enough" and praised my father and my "meticulous research". Hopefully this will generate interest in the USA where the tradition of elephant training is now much stronger than it is in the UK.