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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Live Q & A session with Jamie Clubb on 12th December

I have been very kindly invited to answer questions on the Bohemian Cafe forum. The Bohemian Cafe is an excellent website and message board dedicated to creating an inspirational and motivational place for the creative. Inspired by the Bohemian cafes in the early 20th century, where artists, writers and other artistic types would meet up to discuss ideas, best-selling author, playwright, screenplay writer and martial arts coach, Geoff Thompson created the online place to nurture new talent in a positive environment. I recommend that everyone who visits this blog register as a member.

I feel honoured to be asked to answer questions at the Cafe and I would be very grateful of any support you can offer on 12th by asking questions. My hope is that I get tackle a broad range of topics rather than just areas only certain people know me in. So, whether it is history, circus, martial arts, self defence, children's self protection, my time in Extreme World Warfare pro wrestling, scepticism, individualism or something more personal or unusual please feel free to ask away!;f=8

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