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Friday, 30 October 2009

Extracts from "We Went to the Zoo Today"

Here is an extract from Alan Ashby's excellent new book on British postcards during the golden age of the zoo. As you can see in the examples below, Alan has done his best to present the postcards in their raw form. I particularly like this touch.
The top picture is of Bostock and Wombwelle's Menagerie taken from my father's collection.
The bottom picture is of Purchase's and Chipperfield's Combined Menagerie. Regular readers of this blog will recognize that this was the menagerie where my grandfather (pictured far left) rescued Captain Tommy Purchase (most likely inventor of the "Bounce") from the lion's cage. My great grandfather is on the right. Rosie and Gracie Purchase are dancing on the show front. Rosie, daughter of Tommy Purchase, was the one dancing in the lion's cage when the accident occurred. The lady of the top of the ladder in the centre is my great-aunty Margery.

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