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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Damoo Dhotre's 109th Birthday

Readers of this blog might be aware that my father is currently researching a book on Alfred Court, his trainers and his animals. Here and there we have made contacts with the many people that are part of this legacy. As with "The Legend of Salt and Sauce" the experience is most rewarding when we put the pieces together and discover how much a cultural impact the story we are investigating had on people. Damoo Dhotre was an Alfred Court animal presenter that has been mentioned on this blog before. In India his position as an historical and cultural icon is on the ascent and there have been several celebrations done in his name. Today I am delighted to report that a descendent of his, Anand Dhotre, is holding a celebration of the great trainer's 109th birthday with the launch of new website.

Anand told us -  "In present condition of Indian Circus Industry, due to ban on animal performances, we can not expect that any brave artist will rise up like Damoo Dhotre.

Really, Damoo Dhotre was the only Indian who put India's name on world map by showing fearlessness and great determination.

Let's salute this noble son of India today and every day and hope Golden Days will be back to Indian Circus again." 

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