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Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Mysterious David Taylor (aka Tayleur)

David Taylor, who occasionally went under the title David Tayleur, has recently come to my attention. Although he didn't play a direct role in the lives of the elephants Salt and Sauce he does appear in my book "The Legend of Salt and Sauce". Taylor arrives on the scene in 1920, two years prior to John "Broncho Bill" Swallow's acquisition of Salt and Sauce. He was already in partnership with Sir Garrard Tyrwhitt-Drake. They had run a small circus in 1919. They then partnered John Swallow in an ill-fated much larger enterprise called "Ringland's Great Circus and Menagerie". The title was obviously capitalizing on the American Ringling Brother's Circus (which became the "Ringling Brother's, Barnum and Bailey Circus") and should not be confused with "Long" Tom Fossett's "Ringland's Circus" of the 1950s (which would also show Salt and Sauce). When the large show failed, Tyrwhitt-Drake pulled out of the partnership. John Swallow continued with his own circus under the old Broncho Bill moniker. Taylor stayed with John Swallow in the same capacity he had been before, as the circus manager. I have recently been contacted by Roy Kneath, who is a descendent of Taylor's, and is trying to get verification on the photographs displayed here. If anyone can say whether or not these images are of David Taylor please let us know.

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