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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Death of a Lion "tamer" on Ringland's Circus 1950

Seems like an age since I last posted on here. An email came in from my cousin Jim Stockley recently regarding some circus history relating to the elephants Salt and Sauce. He forwarded us this enquiry left on the Circus History website.

 Lion tamer 1960s, 01 Aug 2012 - I am trying to trace the name and date of death of a lion tamer that was killed in the ring in a circus in the United Kingdom in the sixties. The details I have are vague, but there is a background and a reason for trying to find out. My mother recently passed away and I know that although she got engaged to my father in 1964, they had unknowingly been at the same circus performance a few years earlier where the lion-tamer had got killed. I do not know the exact year - I guess it must have been after 1960 - and it would have been in the Midlands of the UK, probably Birmingham or Wolverhampton. Any ideas? Can you help from such vague information?