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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A Touch of Puritanism

Don't worry I haven't gone all 16th century Protestant on everybody. This article was written to address our natural urge to "spring clean" aspects of our life. I have noted that from democratic initiator/all round killjoy of Cromwell and Church of England Puritans to the individualist philosopher/cult-like personality of Ayn Rand and her Objectivists, there have been people and movements keen to strip back life to its essential principles and basics. In this article I look at the pros and cons of such movements and how I believe we can learn from them.


penandspindle said...

Jamie, this is a thought-provoking and very interesting expose. I am going to link it to the P&S because I think our readers will enjoy it.

Heather said...

Thank you very much, Heather. That's very kind of you. I am glad you enjoyed the piece.