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Monday, 22 September 2008

Toffees in a tin - Salt and Sauce return to the Express and Star

The Wolverhampton Express and Star newspaper was a major source for my research on the elephants Salt and Sauce when they were owned by John "Broncho Bill" Swallow. Swallow had a very close relationship with his local paper and regularly sent reports back to it when he was touring with his own circus and later when he toured on other circuses with Salt and Sauce the elephants. His son, John D. Swallow - the third member of the family we know of who bore the name John - became the paper's editor. Historian Ned Williams wrote a lot on the circuses and faires that visited Wolverhampton and I am grateful for his research on the Swallows and Salt and Sauce. He will be promoting a special signing and talk I will be giving at a Wolverhampton cinema on 13th November. He recently had an article published on my book "The Legend of Salt and Sauce" in the Wolverhampton Express and Star, and below is a scan of Christin Groscutt's article written in response. The 78 Wolverhampton local tells of her fond memories of Salt and Sauce who she gave toffees and claimed as her "pets" at school.

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