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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Jim Clubb with Michael Sheen on Wed 24th Nov

This photo is featured at Michael Sheen Online.Image via WikipediaRecently on here I was happy to announce that my father, the wild animal trainer and circus/zoo historian, Jim Clubb, would be featured on a TV show with the critically acclaimed actor, Michael Sheen. Despite having a very respectuable career in front of live audiences for serveral years my father's main area in entertainment is usually behind the scenes, training wild animals for the media industry. He did some stuntwork a few years back, doubling for David Jason in "A Touch of Frost", episode "Endangered Species", but that job is often given to his senior trainers.
However, he is often asked to appear as an on camera consultant. These jobs very rarey happen - "Action! Animals" a documentary on Mum and Dad's business with his old friend, John Cleese, and "Kings and Beasts" documentary on the Tower Meneagerie were the most recent exceptions that come to mind and they were filmed almost a decade ago. The programme Dad was consulted on involving Michael Sheen was for BBC Wales. Please see the original post on this for more details on the show's content. Our client has given us a name for the show, but today I was informed "..the Michael Sheen programme will be aired next Wednesday at 7.30 on BBC 1 Wales".

If you can't get BBC1 Wales on Sky, then you can watch it on the BBC iPlayer."
Dad's stunt role:

He also doubled in the tiger for an actor in the tiger attack sequence in this satirical comedy from the 1980s:

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