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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Better late than never!

 A year or so back I was made aware that journalist Sylvia Kent was writing a piece on Joan Rosaire. Joan is an extraordinary circus horse trainer from an amazing circus family. The Rosaires, and in particular Joan's Uncle Ivor, were a key part of my book "The Legend of Salt and Sauce". Their own story of hardship and success in the circus world enchanted such contemporary writers as Ruth Manning-Saunders and Rupert Croft Cooke.

I don't know how seeing the actual online article has slipped me by, but by chance I stumbled across it today. Sylvia has several very entertaining and informative pieces on the Rosaires that I would highly recommend you read.

The Famous Rosaires
Billericay Welcomes Circus Rosaire (article featuring "The Legend of Salt and Sauce")

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Sylvia Kent said...

Great to hear of news of your book, Jamie. Everyone should read it - fabulous!

Roger said...

Looking forward to receiving a copy of this book, but am wondering if it includes this detail:

Jamie Clubb said...

Thanks for the very interesting link, Roger. The account seems rather confused. Bostock and Wombwelle's never owned Salt and Pepper. Pepper, who was from the original Cruet, died 1902/3 from a parasitic flat worm she acquired in India. They never replaced with another elephant called Pepper. They replaced her with an elephant called Vinegar. When Mustard died around the same time they did replace her with another Mustard. Nevertheless, by 1911 Salt and Sauce were the only two remaining members of the group.

The elephants pictured in your link are definitely Bostock and Wombwelle's. Thanks again for sharing.

Roger said...

Ah - the perils of the Internet and its faulty information. I'll correct that detail :-).